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The walls are the most visible part of the house and cracks need to be addressed as they appear. Sometimes they can be relatively minor, such as cracks in dry wall, and can be caused settling of the house or by minor movements in the foundation or structure. Foundation wall cracks may be due to more critical issues in the house, including movement of the foundation and water damage. Remedies can be one or more repairs that are needed to provide a proper repair and can include sealing of the crack, use of fillers or hydraulic cement or even stabilizing the foundation wall itself, such as StablWall


Floor cracks can also be caused by similar causes and stresses as wall cracks. Sometimes floor tiles are placed to tightly together with grout lines that do not allow for movements of the tile in a flexible framing structure. This pressure causes the tiles to push against each other and form embarrassing cracks and forcing costly repairs.


You need professional analysis to find the cause of the problem and its best solution. At ASR Consultants, we have the civil and structural engineers to determine if cracks are minor repairs or evidence of underlying structural issues.  Give us a call to get a complete engineering report and plan of action or its repair.