ASR Consulting can provide services range from designing subsystems for your home all the way to complete architectural designs. Whether you are doing a remodeling project, addition, repair or even a custom home, we have the engineering skills to get your job done. We are also familiar with the county permitting processes to get your official approvals in place. We can provide contractor guidance and construction management services, as needed. All of our work is sealed and certified by our professional staff.

 Our team can work with you to address all of your residential needs within your property. As always, all of our work is conducted by certified professionals, our reports are certified and our work is performed in strict compliance to building code. As a reminder, you can consider all of the parts of your house as shown in the diagram below and including:

  • HVAC
  • plumbing
  • electrical systems
  • whole house and partial renovations
  • engineering reports
  • permitting
  • subdivision design and development
  • designs and drawings
  • structural analysis and engineering