ASR Consultants provides commercial engineering services with the goal of developing various site plans in support of the development project. These services can support various phases of the project including land acquisition, zoning, land engineering, and construction. We can provide a variety of services, all performed by certified experts, that are all necessary in the design and development process, including:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Traffic management plans
  • Zoning changes
  • County permitting processes
  • Environmental assessment studies
  • Tree and green space conservation
  • Storm water management plans
  • Water and sewer design
  • Construction plans and specification

 We start with an initial consultation to understand your project, the business objectives and the requirements of what you want or need to get done. This can start with our lead engineer and followed up with our other engineers, architects, and master technicians, as needed. Existing documentations and plans are important to this analytical process and supplement our consultations and meetings. Our coillaborative, customer-oriented approach has proven to be very successful and minimize delays and rework. The deliverables, designs are documents become a critical future reference for the project. We can also provide critical reference and guidance in the financing and construction phases of your project.


Our past performance client list includes projects for:

  • Residential subdivisions
  • Apartment complexes
  • Churches and temples
  • Industrial parks
  • Shopping complexes
  • Office buildings