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Your property's foundation or basement is the key to the structural integrity of the building. It is important to watch for symptoms of damage, so that they can be repaired and the value of the property can be maintained. This diagram illustrates the various issues that would indicate structural damage and/or water damage. Generally, the damage comes in various forms of cracks and leaks. Repairs can be fixed on the inside and the actual source of the problem also needs to be fixed on the outside. Here are things to look out for inside your house:

  • Moisture on the floors and walls
  • Leaks around joints and pipes
  • Cracks in floors and walls



The following diagram shows how the outside ground and soil conditions impact the water flow and pressure against the building foundation. Water is a surprisingly powerful force and needs to be carefully managed. If not, the water pressure cannot go anywhere but against the foundation of the house. This poor drainage around the foundation can be caused by

  • Loosely packed soil that allows water to flow right to the foundation wall
  • Lack of sand and gravel to drain subsurface water down and away from the foundation
  • Pipes that are not designed to properly drain water away from the house
  • Porous exterior walls that may need to be sealed


One way to fix the problem is by "compacting" the soil around the foundation. This means that the soil can be made more dense and compact through the use of construction machinery. If it is properly designed and compacted, the soil will be so dense that it cannot flow to the foundation wall and will be diverted. This is generally done by excavating the soil from around the foundation, fixing any other issues like drainage pipes and sealing the exterior walls. and then the actual compaction of the soil at various grades designed to manage water flow away from the foundation. ASR Consultants has an engineering process that will address the actual source of the problem and give you a permanent fix that can be implemented by your contractor.